Yellow Pegasus: The Triathlon Bike

I have committed to racing an olympic distance triathlon in about three months, and I am taking to any and all online information I can find. Most recently, I am looking at information about bikes. I posted on this blog previously about my bike, which is an old Schwinn Le Tour with a steel frame and it’s overall pretty heavy if you consider what other people use to train/race. I’ve been considering all my options, however, and racing on my bike, Yellow Pegasus (formerly called The Tequila Sunrise), is definitely one viable option. It is the cheapest option to race it as it is, and from some of the research I’ve been doing, it seems I might not look like a complete idiot getting out there on my old steel framed bike. At least it’s not my old Wal*Mart mountain bike I guess.

What has piqued my interest the most was this article I came across earlier. This guy rode the Ironman Hawaii on a fixie bike of all things, which he outfitted to look like a tri bike. The frame looks just like Yellow Pegasus! So after seeing that, I think the second best option would be to put a little money into my bike to make it as comfortable and fast as I can make it over the distance of 40k. I’m thinking I would like to look into the handlebar setup, new pedals with clipless shoes, a new saddle, and possibly the wheels, but I’m not sure if that will be necessary or not.

With this being my first triathlon, I realize that all of the nitpickiness of speed and bike specs probably won’t matter, and any advice I receive will probably be along the lines of “just have fun”, I will leave it at that. I would like to avoid screaming “total novice” when I am doing this though, and I’m sure I’ll make up for that in other capacities like the swim for example. But any information is welcome, and I am hoping for suggestions on how to turn my Schwinn Le Tour into a racing machine. Of course if I come across a nice bike for cheap or something that I can loan, I will take the best option. Leave a comment tough if you come across this!

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