What Is It?

A sarcobang is something you’ve probably never heard of. The reason for that is because the sarcobang is an Erin Original, not to be found anywhere on the internet until now. It is so rare that a red dashed line shows up below it in Microsoft word. Rare.

As most of you don’t know, I have an appreciation for the uncommon punctuation mark. If you scroll through the Wikipedia page on punctuation, you will notice on the bottom righthand side, there is a box of “Uncommon Typography”.

So what is a sarcobang actually? The sarcobang is the product of the irony mark (⸮), and an interrobang (‽) with a twist.  The sarcobang is a punctuation mark you might add to the end of an exclamation if you think the receiver might not understand your sarcasm. If you are a witty, enthusiastic, individual with a sarcastic side, and you are sending an email to a basic bitch, then the sarcobang would probably be the perfect symbol to tack onto the end of most of your sentences.

So you heard it here first, when in doubt, sarcoBANG.


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