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Exam Week: Things To Do When You Have An Exam Tomorrow

Because WikiHow has possibly the best advice and how-to’s (usually with really compelling photos as well), I decided to try to get some inspiration from their How To Study page. This really didn’t facilitate any new studying habits especially after reading number four, so I decided that I could do it better and wrote my own steps to success. AKA this is what I did today.

  • pulled up final exam review powerpoint
  • printed final exam review powerpoint
  • pulled up Twitter
  • tweeted this super inspirational lyric from the song currently playing on my iTunes
  • closed twitter
  • got an @ mention notification on my phone, responded promptly
  • wrote out class notes onto three powerpoint slides
  • opened planner and used colorful markers to cross off all the things I finished last week to appear and feel more accomplished
  • relocated because it was ridiculously hot where I was due to the fact that it is 73 degrees out on December 3rd and UofL didn’t turn the heat off
  • walked to library
  • saw a man skateboarding across campus with a crock pot, tweeted about it, proceeded to library
  • took elevator to third floor because it was way too hot to walk up the stairs
  • walked around the 3rd floor for seven minutes and determined there were way too many people and no good tables, which would obviously be detrimental to my focus
  • walked to floor 2
  • located table with a relatively normal looking person and enough space to spread out  my study materials
  • took out my notes, and only the notes needed for studying
  • took out my computer in case I needed a break in the future
  • stared at notes
  • determined 73% battery life wasn’t enough to make it through this studying session
  • located plug and charged computer
  • facebook
  • looked at notes and highlighted things I already knew
  • found Doritos in backpack
  • stared at the other library patrons who were on facebook in order to make myself feel less guilty
  • pulled out scrap paper to take notes on
  • made a list of all the things I have done in order to study for my test tomorrow
  • laughed at the irony of the new falling snowflake feature on WordPress… because it’s 73 degrees out


After all of that, I listened to this Asher Roth song to motivate me to get on my study grind. It also made me appreciate the fact that I am able to go to school. Thanks Asher.
“Because happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time. It’s about loving what you have.”