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Search Engine Terms: AKA I wrote about this shit

I was perusing the stats page of my WordPress, because who doesn’t, and a phrase in the Search Engine Terms box caught me eye. Usually there isn’t anything in there, so I thought to myself, if “independent artist that became big in 2012?” was able to link someone back to this blog post from December, then what else have people searched that brought them here?

Turns out a lot of random shit that people search have brought them here, and I would like nothing more than to share some of these things with the internet.

“penny bra” – If you find a bra for a penny, please let me know. However if it is made out of pennies I will politely decline.

“hoodie allen name drops one direction” – Yes, yes he does.

“playlist to get you through studying” – I hope that since you searched this, it brought you to the playlist that I made for studying, and not the blog post that somehow was linked to “penny bra”.

“toilet paper helmet” – I hope this is either school related, or you were trying to write a research paper about this beautiful invention.

“kyle armillotti sings sweetest mafia song” – The sweetest damn mafia song I’ve ever heard. Or maybe you meant Swedish. Hard to say really.

“does itunes suck” – No.

“ellie goulding halcyon itunes deluxe edition free download legal” – Not every day do you see someone searching the internet for the legal download of a song. Something tells me you could have used fewer words to find the same result though. (See above)

“oh shit i think they’re onto us” – Damn right I am onto you. Despite the fact that you used the correct version of “they’re”, I assure you I am a singular person… “you’re” is sufficient.