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Sprocket Shots and Bulb Fraughts


The last roll of film I developed was the first time I made the mistake of using the bulb setting on my Holga 135 without returning it back to normal when I was done. Not only that, but I managed to rip the end of the film when I was trying to wind it back into the canister.

I have read about many people making the same mistake with the bulb and I have always been conscious to set it back. Not this time. Nearly all the photos came out blurry because of this, which was slightly disappointing, but some were salvageable I suppose. Better to make all the mistakes on one roll of film.

My word of advice and a lesson that I learned from this, is to make sure you know how many exposures you have on your roll of film. The film I used had 24 exposures, and the reason the film ripped was because I tried to take a 25th exposure. Upon winding the film back, it completely tore off the last few photos. I heard it ripping and after that there was nothing else to do but bring the camera in and see if the Walgreens Photo Man could help me. He did. He got the loose film out and was able to develop the photos, which I would soon find out were all blurry anyways.

Here is what to expect if you completely f*ck up all your creativity and hard work:

holgafail2You can see the tear and the sprockets… however that managed to happen. But I think it did come out kind of cool.

holgafail1Blurry, and more sprocket holes! Yes!

holgafail3This one is neat looking. The one thing I like about the bulb setting screw up in this photo is you can see the movement: Andee struggles to zip her massive coat.

holgafail4This one was my favorite of the whole roll. Lots of eery motion. Almost looks like she is floating over the street.

Search Engine Terms: AKA I wrote about this shit

I was perusing the stats page of my WordPress, because who doesn’t, and a phrase in the Search Engine Terms box caught me eye. Usually there isn’t anything in there, so I thought to myself, if “independent artist that became big in 2012?” was able to link someone back to this blog post from December, then what else have people searched that brought them here?

Turns out a lot of random shit that people search have brought them here, and I would like nothing more than to share some of these things with the internet.

“penny bra” – If you find a bra for a penny, please let me know. However if it is made out of pennies I will politely decline.

“hoodie allen name drops one direction” – Yes, yes he does.

“playlist to get you through studying” – I hope that since you searched this, it brought you to the playlist that I made for studying, and not the blog post that somehow was linked to “penny bra”.

“toilet paper helmet” – I hope this is either school related, or you were trying to write a research paper about this beautiful invention.

“kyle armillotti sings sweetest mafia song” – The sweetest damn mafia song I’ve ever heard. Or maybe you meant Swedish. Hard to say really.

“does itunes suck” – No.

“ellie goulding halcyon itunes deluxe edition free download legal” – Not every day do you see someone searching the internet for the legal download of a song. Something tells me you could have used fewer words to find the same result though. (See above)

“oh shit i think they’re onto us” – Damn right I am onto you. Despite the fact that you used the correct version of “they’re”, I assure you I am a singular person… “you’re” is sufficient.

The 7 Things I Did Today Instead of Studying


Today I skipped racquetball class in order to study for a test, and on top of that I was exhausted and couldn’t be bothered to go to a 10 o’clock class after a decently hard practice only to sweat even more. I found myself in an incredibly distracted mood. Out of habit I drank a cup of coffee, which killed the prospect of me napping before attempting to study for this test. So I did this instead:

1. Shoved the metal part of a binder clip into my earlobe. You know, the ancient art of earlobe stretching. Well after a warm shower and pure boredom I gauged my ear to binder clip size. Sorry I’m so curious… and gross.

2. Wrote down every 2k erg time I’ve ever rowing in college. I was feeling really introspective and wanted to prove to myself that I have succeeded in the art of success and failure. I decided that failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing and the better you learn to fail, the more you will succeed. The problem comes when you decide to quit. Between November 13, 2009, and last Saturday, which was February 2, 2013, I have done thirteen 2k tests. I’ve decided 7 of them were successes, and I really only consider 4 of them failures because I wrote things like “shit” and “fail take two” next to them. But no matter. They were still worth it. The other two just were 2k tests I guess.

3. Listened to 12 Skizzy Mars songs. I just sat there at my computer, stared at it for a bit, let the songs play. Maybe checked Facebook or twitter 5 or 13 times, and listened to the music. Then I kind of let them play as I did the rest of the things on this list.

4. Toasted a bagel in the oven on broil. I actually did this first thing when I got home because I don’t function well while hungry, but this is where this activity falls on the list I wrote this morning so I’m going to allow it to stay number 4. Every time I use the toaster, I’m afraid that Barbie’s plastic wonder dream house is burning down, because that’s what it smells like. Burning plastic.

5. Took a 20 Minute Shower, even though I was going to work out again. I sat in my sweaty rowing clothes for way too long before I decided that I had to shower. Even though I was going to be working out that afternoon, I wanted a shower. Is that too much for a girl to ask for? No. You’d thank me had you been anywhere close.

6. Tried to nap. I really tried, but it was that coffee. I eventually fell asleep 15 minutes before I had to wake up for the test I wasn’t studying for. Thankfully I had set my alarm. Worst nap ever.

7. This. I decided that I should write a list of things that I had done instead of studying so I could over analyse each bit of it in the form of a blog post to share with the general public who may or may not care what I did today instead of studying. The general public also may or may not have stopped reading after I admitted to shoving binder clips into my earlobes.

Goodnight, y’all.

Amateur Neologist


I claim to be an amateur in a lot of things, so as long as we can all accept this, I am going to continue to share my amateur thoughts. Today, I decided that I am dubbing myself an amateur neologist, not to be confused with neurologist.

If you don’t know what a neologist is, then you may as well Google it because I figured out what it was by reverse Googling the definition, which I didn’t even know would have a word for until I found this one. If that seems like a really rude request considering you are reading this blog for the sole purpose of entertainment and probably don’t want to have to work for it, I only said that because neologism is what allowed the word google to become a verb. So cool! So meta!

Confession: I really just wanted to type “googling” and revel in the fact that the little red squiggly doesn’t show up underneath it like it does under lesser known proper-nouns-turned-verb. So here is the definition: a neologist is one who coins, uses, or introduces new words, or redefines old words in a language.

These are some of the words that I have created. I invite you all to use them as freely as you please under the circumstance that you kindly site your source verbally in MLA format after every sentence. Or you could just share this blog with anyone worthy of auscultating these beautiful creations.

photato (fo-tay-tow) noun
A photograph of or relating to a potato.
experinotic (ex-peer-uh-nät-ik) noun
A genre of music that includes experimental indie-sounds and hypnotic-trance beats.
sarcobang (sar-ko-bang) noun
A punctuation mark indicating exclaimed sarcasm where the receiver may not understand said sarcasm.

Things I Have Learned From An Holga 135

I got this little camera around Christmas time and I have been experimenting with it for the past couple months now. This is what I have learned.

1. This is an Holga 135 toy camera. It takes photos using 35mm film. It is not digital. It’s outside appearance will steal your heart, but what happens on the inside is what will make you fall in love.


2. Not everything that you see through the viewfinder will be what you see on the photo. This becomes obvious after the first roll of film or so. Aim high, or risk cutting peoples heads off. You can also see that the top of the lens obstructs the view a bit through this über meta photo below.


3. Double exposure! Since you can expose the film as many times as you want with the Holga, you can take some pretty interesting shots. You will only get to see how they turn out after you get them developed, but that is half the fun!


4. Patience is key. My first roll of film as a whole sucked because it was completely experimental. There were a few shots that I got out of it that I thought were pretty cool, but the more you shoot, the more you will learn what different lighting will do.


5. Quality over quantity. You only have so many exposures per roll of film, so I found it is better to take a little time to think about what it is you want to photograph, what will make the photo unique, and how to compose it. You can’t go back and delete, so snapping a photo of everything you see will get expensive.


6. Film costs money. Duh. Everything costs money. Luckily I got a few rolls of film to start out with, but if you don’t develop your own photos, which is also expensive, you will have to bring them to a lab. I have found I’ve averaged around $8 per folder of prints I have gotten back. So again, quality over quantity.


7. Observe. I’ve noticed so many more things after going out and taking photos with this camera. Because you don’t get to see the photo right away, you take more time to look at what you are shooting. This is what has made film photography fun for me thus far, and I hope to learn some new things on my next roll of film.


I am definitely hoping to get better with this little camera and learn a bit more about it! If any, or all, (probably all) of that sounded amateur, that’s because it was. But look out for more where this came from!

Why All Independent Artists Make It Big

Because it is finals week, I am taking a five-minute, (or 50-minute) break to write about something that means a lot more to me than Function in Movement aka HSS 390. Apologies to Professor K; but I sit in the back for a reason.

Last night, my roommate Sam and I were getting back into the car after an 8pm grocery trip and I wanted nothing more than to be back in my room writing my, “The Heist by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with Limited Commentary by Erin Bennett” booklet to go along with the album that I burned for Ellen (shout out gurrll! I know you read this!). That long anticipated album that I had pre ordered over three months ago lived up to all my expectations and more; and the 19 song Deluxe Edition needed to be shared with the world! (And if not the world, then maybe just my circle of friends.)

The Heist has been in my headphones basically every day since it’s release on October 9, 2012. In fact I am listening to it right this second. Because of this, I was not surprised to be listening to “Thrift Shop” when I got in the car. However, it only took me a second to realize that it was the radio coming through the speakers. Specifically, a station that plays a lot of halfway decent (a stretch), overplayed, pop-songs that we all sing every word to regardless of how much we hate them.

I progressively started to get more excited about this as I was telling Sam about how awesome it is that Macklemore (Ben Haggerty) has worked at this craft for thousands of hours, possibly even Ten Thousand Hours, and his hard work that I diligently follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr is finally paying off.

All I could think is that hundreds of people are listening to “Thrift Shop” right now, and they are probably Shazam-ing on their phones, trying to figure out who the hell this dude is, rapping about his green gator shoes.

After all this time, and it should be noted that Macklemore has been making music since 2000, his message is getting out there to the public ear. The ears of people who might not even know the name of any other independent rapper except for Mac Miller. (As a side note, I find it funny that I was explaining Macklemore to someone once, and they misheard me thinking I was pronouncing Mac Miller wrong. No, person. Mac Miller, the 20-year-old millionaire indie rapper who began in 2007 at age 15, is quite different than Macklemore.)

Anyhow, this got me to thinking about the catch-22 that some indie fans face when their favorite artists make it big time. On the one hand, it’s an amazing feeling to see someone who you look up to grow and become noticed for the art that they have been slaving away at for the sole purpose of entertaining their fans. This is true passion, my friends.

An artist who is releasing music without the guarantee that it will be heard just has to have an obsession for it. There is just no way that one can spend that much time on something without the drive and appreciation for their art. I have much respect for someone who can carefully grow his fan base for twelve years without nation-wide recognition or radio play. Not only that, but to continue to make something as increasingly beautiful and moving as Macklemore has is pure talent.

As we all know, radio stations will generally only play the popular, catchy singles off an album. Apparently “Thrift Shop” generated enough worldwide popularity (as it has sat in the number 1 spot in the New Zealand charts, among others, for quite some time now) to be recognized as radio worthy in the United States. Hm. What a great opportunity for him to become recognized! Hopefully listeners will go home and Spotify the album, become familiar with the other songs and realize that Macklemore is more than just this amazing single. Yay! The mainstream life ain’t all that bad!

However… the thing that drives me nuts is when people literally only know ‘that one song’ on the radio that makes them just lovveeee the artist. Oh yea? Your love seems deep. REALLY DEEP. To avoid sounding like a pretentious asshole, I am just going to say if you’re about to call me a pretentious asshole, kindly discontinue the gaze of your eyes upon this page.

Okay open-minded reader, moving on. So now you know that is what really drives me nuts. I am sure we are all guilty of this on some level. We can’t help it that we are force fed the music that the radio stations, society, and the big time record labels think we should listen to. This is what they get paid for! If we just happen to find ‘that one song’ on the radio catchy, yeah, we’re going to sing along. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to go listen to the rest of said artists music, nor does it mean that this person is our new favorite.

What I am trying to get at is there is more than meets the ear when it comes to radio. It takes a hot minute for someone to become famous; whether they have spent their entire being putting the effort in to hopefully one day achieve this dream, or if they were spoon-fed their instant mashed potatoes, we may never know.

I personally think there is something to be said about any independent artist who has released multiple projects. Passion. Whatever it is that drives them, they clearly have the passion to keep moving forward. One mix-tape, sure. Two, okay. I see you. At this point, if it’s for the fans, or for the prospect of big money, they are doing what they have to do to fulfill a dream. Therefore, if you are an indie artist, you have made it big in my eyes. Go for the gold, son.

It would make sense for me to give you a little sample of this new album, but a) I already posted some Macklemore in a previous post, and b) I want you to check out The Heist as a whole if you haven’t already. Instead, today I introduce to you G-Eazy, another hard working rapper/producer who deserves a little recognition too. This song is most apropos for the current topic.