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Study Playlist

I have hand crafted a 15 song playlist to get you through at least and hour or so of studying.

Start with the Timeflies banger “Adderall and Red Bull” to get you super pumped about what you’re getting yourself into. Obviously they feel your pain. They went to Tufts. Take it slow for the next couple songs, until you get to number four where you may have to take a moment to wail the lyrics to a cover of “Don’t You Worry Child” by Kyle Armillotti. About halfway through, Aer tells you to “Keep Going” followed by some “Be Easy” by Radical Something.

I really chose these songs based off of the fact that they aren’t too upbeat or rage-tastic, therefore perfect for planting yourself in the library, but the titles are gold right now.

When you get to number 10, “Don’t Move”, Phantogram will let you know that it’s almost time to take a break, because by the time you get to 15, it will finally be “The End”, a little ballad by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

The best part about this, is you can download the full playlist by clicking that little down arrow button below!

Of course, don’t be fooled by the title. This playlist is also perfect for:

  • your daily commute
  • staring out the window in the office
  • lying in bed
  • doing the dishes
  • taking a shower
  • and making brownies

Good luck on finals U-Haul (the white person version of y’all).

I couldn’t not add the video that Kyle made to go along with his Swedish House Mafia cover so enjoy his moustache that accompanies his angelic voice below.