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Making lists is my favorite thing to do when I’m writing on paper. I don’t particularly like writing paragraphs of feelings and bullshit, however I still do like putting my thoughts on a page. I have recently found the best way to do that is by listing all the things that come to my brain. This most closely resembles the way my brain operates… I think. Since I clearly have not shared anything new on this blog, I figured I would go through some of my analog lists and digitize them via this keyboard (and extrapolate on the really interesting stuff). Then, anyone who actually minds to read this/all my stalkers will know what’s been up in the past couple weeks.

I’m going to start with the summer to do list and I’m going to bold all the things that I have accomplished thus far and star the things that have been scheduled but are yet to happen or are a work in progress.

“Things To Do Summer 2013” April 4, 2013.

  • acquire a car
  • acquire a bike
  • acquire a job
  • waterfront Wednesdays… all the Wednesdays
  • tabata Tuesday bikes
  • be nocturnal for like 3 days
  • Bonnaroo & Forecastle *
  • read all the Malcolm Gladwell books *
  • buy local only for 3 weeks
  • abstain from chocolate for a week (or so)
  • grow a plant
  • grow a savings account
  • meet 5 rappers
  • take lots of photos *
  • take advantage of all things free *

“Cool Things About Today” May 21, 2013

And then at the bottom of this page I added a clip out from a magazine that I newspaper blackout-ed. Maybe I will share these one day but I am going to be honest and say I’m too lazy to upload the photo. By the way, we didn’t make NCAA’s. Also, click on that link for The Kollection to see all the blog posts I’ve submitted so far. The next link is to a sweet book by Austin Kleon, and anyone who cares about being creative ought to read it.

The next list is really long so I’m only going to take the first few.

“I woke up to write this down” May 28, 2013

  • use the word lucrative more often
  • find a lucrative hobby
  • stop lying to yourself about not having lucrative hobby ideas – do them
  • write more
  • care less about what you will think when you go back & read what you wrote
  • if you don’t like it, throw it off a bridge, burn it, bury it
  • lists are good
  • ride the bike you borrowed from Dasha EVERYWHERE!
  • make up words and use them shamelessly
  • fill this page
  • write so fast you look like a dyslexic
  • become really good at your job – even the most mundane tasks
  • read more Austin Kleon

Finally, I am going to share yesterdays list because it is the most recent.

“Untitled” June 1, 2013

  • a new month
  • Paula drawing – nearly complete
  • I love listing
  • dried mango strips
  • nobody has been home all day
  • going to Market Street
  • Hannah’s 21st birthday celebration tonight
  • it’s been rainy this morning
  • two Christian ladies tried to talk to me this morning about religion

That’s a wrap. On my list for today I would add “more blog posts”, but I’m too tired to do anything right now. So goodnight! Ugh, this post has no visual and that’s bothering me. Will add later.

The 7 Things I Did Today Instead of Studying


Today I skipped racquetball class in order to study for a test, and on top of that I was exhausted and couldn’t be bothered to go to a 10 o’clock class after a decently hard practice only to sweat even more. I found myself in an incredibly distracted mood. Out of habit I drank a cup of coffee, which killed the prospect of me napping before attempting to study for this test. So I did this instead:

1. Shoved the metal part of a binder clip into my earlobe. You know, the ancient art of earlobe stretching. Well after a warm shower and pure boredom I gauged my ear to binder clip size. Sorry I’m so curious… and gross.

2. Wrote down every 2k erg time I’ve ever rowing in college. I was feeling really introspective and wanted to prove to myself that I have succeeded in the art of success and failure. I decided that failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing and the better you learn to fail, the more you will succeed. The problem comes when you decide to quit. Between November 13, 2009, and last Saturday, which was February 2, 2013, I have done thirteen 2k tests. I’ve decided 7 of them were successes, and I really only consider 4 of them failures because I wrote things like “shit” and “fail take two” next to them. But no matter. They were still worth it. The other two just were 2k tests I guess.

3. Listened to 12 Skizzy Mars songs. I just sat there at my computer, stared at it for a bit, let the songs play. Maybe checked Facebook or twitter 5 or 13 times, and listened to the music. Then I kind of let them play as I did the rest of the things on this list.

4. Toasted a bagel in the oven on broil. I actually did this first thing when I got home because I don’t function well while hungry, but this is where this activity falls on the list I wrote this morning so I’m going to allow it to stay number 4. Every time I use the toaster, I’m afraid that Barbie’s plastic wonder dream house is burning down, because that’s what it smells like. Burning plastic.

5. Took a 20 Minute Shower, even though I was going to work out again. I sat in my sweaty rowing clothes for way too long before I decided that I had to shower. Even though I was going to be working out that afternoon, I wanted a shower. Is that too much for a girl to ask for? No. You’d thank me had you been anywhere close.

6. Tried to nap. I really tried, but it was that coffee. I eventually fell asleep 15 minutes before I had to wake up for the test I wasn’t studying for. Thankfully I had set my alarm. Worst nap ever.

7. This. I decided that I should write a list of things that I had done instead of studying so I could over analyse each bit of it in the form of a blog post to share with the general public who may or may not care what I did today instead of studying. The general public also may or may not have stopped reading after I admitted to shoving binder clips into my earlobes.

Goodnight, y’all.

Show And Tell

If you’ve never seen a pair of lobster eyeballs in a plastic baggie, then you obviously weren’t in my second grade class. That’s it.

Just kidding! That’s not it! Show and tell was the best part about elementary school, I think. Actually, it was a close call, but after a 10 second trip down memory lane, I determined that snack was the best part of grade school, and the selection of clothes in the nurses office for the kids who spilled said snack on themselves was the worst. Although food is high on my list of priorities, that topic is for a different blog post.

Today, I am going to show you five random items in my room, and then tell you about these five random items in my room. (And yes, in second grade I was more than proud to bring in a pair of eyeballs from the previous nights dinner to show and tell my classmates about. Lobsters are cool!) So here it goes:

1. My Gatorade Water Bottle

…will always have a special place in my heart. It comes everywhere with me, therefore it knows me. It’s probably with me more than my iPhone. In fact, it is with me more than my iPhone, mostly because it works out with me and I work out a lot. A perk of this water bottle is it doesn’t break when it gets wet. So I can bring it in a boat. (HAHA. It can get wet. Because it’s a water bottle.)

photo 5

2. This Orange

…has been in my room since I traveled to Virginia, which was about a month ago. This orange got to sit in the bottom on my backpack for two 9+ hour drives. It got to stay with me in my hotel. It get’s to see me do my hair every day, it gets to see me pluck my eyebrows, it gets to watch me sleep. Not many objects get to have experienced all these things with me, with the exception of my water bottle, possibly.

photo 4

3. Zach Braff

…and all of his glory sits on my wall in the form of a Garden State movie poster. In my opinion, he is the best actor/comedian/producer/screenwriter/director to grace the earth. That pretty much sums it up. Also, Dr. John Dorian is equally as awesome.

photo 3

4. This Hoodie Allen guitar pick

…is from literally the best show I have ever been to. May 18, 2012 marks one of the best days of my life, as well as my best friends 21st birthday. WOW. What a day. I was finally able to meet my favorite Jewish rapper of all, and got a guitar pick from Kyle, and Hoodie signed it.

“Life couldn’t get better, this gon’ be the best day ever” – Mac Miller quote because Jewish rappers know best.

photo 2

5. An Overdue Library Book

…that I still haven’t read has been sitting on my nightstand for over two months. Actually, it was due back two months ago. I had every intention of reading it because it was supposed to be really good, but life didn’t want to me become more educated and forced me to attend classes that I probably slept through anyways. Thank goodness I registered for classes before they put a hold on my account or whatever they do to overdue book offenders, because God forbid I return this book to the most conveniently located building on campus.

photo 1

Now you have been on the official tour of my room and know basically all there is to know about me. After some close reading (slash, this is the TL;DR) you might discover that I stay hydrated, I neglect citrus fruit, Zach Braff, I love Jewish rappers, and I’m a bad student. Enjoy your Monday ya’ll.

edit: I forgot to add the Song of the Post! Eek! This one is called “One Good Thing” by Jared Evan. I saw him last Saturday at the Hoodie Allen concert (yes, another one) and he was incredible! If you like this, I suggest you look up his newest EP, The 4th Chapter.

So hit me with music, ya hear?!