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Multimedia Smörgåsbord

I made a playlist on Spotify full of not-really-recent-but-still-awesome songs for chilling around your house. It’s a multi-genre playlist, or “La Liste des Chansons Alternative” if you will, with a lot of alternative female singers because I had a feminist moment and loaded up on some Marina and other like artists. But then on the other hand I was getting into Donald Glover’s Camp album and added two of his songs to it. It’s best listened to on shuffle.

On another semi-related note, I found this cool artist somehow on tumblr, I think. If you like electro and dubstep and Norwegians, then you will most likely enjoy Shufflethroat. This is his newest EP, but there is a lot more if you go to the rest of his Soundcloud.

I really liked all the photography on his Facebook page, so I asked if he took the photos himself. Turns out his girlfriend is a photographer and does his photography. Pretty, ja?? Well I thought it was impressive so I “Liked” it… like, on Facebook, and the photo links it back to her page as well.

Lastly, I want to share a new music video that Jared Evan put out on January 3rd. If you can connect to the song at all, the music video might make you cry or at least tear up a bit like it did to me. I sincerely apologize if this post causes your web browser to move at an exceedingly slow pace, but I felt the need to share this multimedia smörgåsbord all in one post, mostly because I wanted to use the word smörgåsbord. Enjoy!

Best of DJ Fresh Direct


Because producers need love. Also, Dylan’s is the only soundcloud that I avidly follow, among that are his other forms of social media to include twitterFacebook, and tumblr. The following is a playlist of my favorites. Dylan, if you’re reading this, please make more chillstep remixes! This set varies in genre so press play with an open mind and an open mood and enjoy the next 32 minutes!

Nap Rap

If you find yourself saying “let’s have a siesta”, I have compiled a playlist of hip-hop and rap songs that I can fall asleep to because there is nothing better than falling asleep to music. At just over an hour, it gives you enough time to fall asleep to Jared Evans and some Skizzy Mars featuring G-Eazy, dream about thier concert that you now want to go to, and wake up with a stretch and some B.o.B and Upper Echelon. Fewer BPM to ramp up your REM. If you weren’t aware, there is a SoundCloud app for iPhone, in case you want to nap to rap on the go!

Disclaimer: the first time you listen to this playlist you may not be able to sleep due to the beautiful voices that are about to grace your eardrums. Therefore, I made a list of other things that you might try first while listening to this playlist. Some of these songs are also available for free download directly from SoundCloud. If they aren’t and you would like to find out where to get them, leave a comment!

  • laying on the beach
  • driving the car (to Dunkin’ Donuts)
  • watching the television on mute
  • laying on the carpet pretending it’s a beach
  • making cereal
  • decorating the Christmas tree
  • drinking egg nog and rum

On the off chance that you’ve never caught yourself thinking “let’s have a siesta”, enjoy this song.

Study Playlist

I have hand crafted a 15 song playlist to get you through at least and hour or so of studying.

Start with the Timeflies banger “Adderall and Red Bull” to get you super pumped about what you’re getting yourself into. Obviously they feel your pain. They went to Tufts. Take it slow for the next couple songs, until you get to number four where you may have to take a moment to wail the lyrics to a cover of “Don’t You Worry Child” by Kyle Armillotti. About halfway through, Aer tells you to “Keep Going” followed by some “Be Easy” by Radical Something.

I really chose these songs based off of the fact that they aren’t too upbeat or rage-tastic, therefore perfect for planting yourself in the library, but the titles are gold right now.

When you get to number 10, “Don’t Move”, Phantogram will let you know that it’s almost time to take a break, because by the time you get to 15, it will finally be “The End”, a little ballad by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

The best part about this, is you can download the full playlist by clicking that little down arrow button below!

Of course, don’t be fooled by the title. This playlist is also perfect for:

  • your daily commute
  • staring out the window in the office
  • lying in bed
  • doing the dishes
  • taking a shower
  • and making brownies

Good luck on finals U-Haul (the white person version of y’all).

I couldn’t not add the video that Kyle made to go along with his Swedish House Mafia cover so enjoy his moustache that accompanies his angelic voice below.