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Sprocket Shots and Bulb Fraughts


The last roll of film I developed was the first time I made the mistake of using the bulb setting on my Holga 135 without returning it back to normal when I was done. Not only that, but I managed to rip the end of the film when I was trying to wind it back into the canister.

I have read about many people making the same mistake with the bulb and I have always been conscious to set it back. Not this time. Nearly all the photos came out blurry because of this, which was slightly disappointing, but some were salvageable I suppose. Better to make all the mistakes on one roll of film.

My word of advice and a lesson that I learned from this, is to make sure you know how many exposures you have on your roll of film. The film I used had 24 exposures, and the reason the film ripped was because I tried to take a 25th exposure. Upon winding the film back, it completely tore off the last few photos. I heard it ripping and after that there was nothing else to do but bring the camera in and see if the Walgreens Photo Man could help me. He did. He got the loose film out and was able to develop the photos, which I would soon find out were all blurry anyways.

Here is what to expect if you completely f*ck up all your creativity and hard work:

holgafail2You can see the tear and the sprockets… however that managed to happen. But I think it did come out kind of cool.

holgafail1Blurry, and more sprocket holes! Yes!

holgafail3This one is neat looking. The one thing I like about the bulb setting screw up in this photo is you can see the movement: Andee struggles to zip her massive coat.

holgafail4This one was my favorite of the whole roll. Lots of eery motion. Almost looks like she is floating over the street.