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The 7 Things I Did Today Instead of Studying


Today I skipped racquetball class in order to study for a test, and on top of that I was exhausted and couldn’t be bothered to go to a 10 o’clock class after a decently hard practice only to sweat even more. I found myself in an incredibly distracted mood. Out of habit I drank a cup of coffee, which killed the prospect of me napping before attempting to study for this test. So I did this instead:

1. Shoved the metal part of a binder clip into my earlobe. You know, the ancient art of earlobe stretching. Well after a warm shower and pure boredom I gauged my ear to binder clip size. Sorry I’m so curious… and gross.

2. Wrote down every 2k erg time I’ve ever rowing in college. I was feeling really introspective and wanted to prove to myself that I have succeeded in the art of success and failure. I decided that failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing and the better you learn to fail, the more you will succeed. The problem comes when you decide to quit. Between November 13, 2009, and last Saturday, which was February 2, 2013, I have done thirteen 2k tests. I’ve decided 7 of them were successes, and I really only consider 4 of them failures because I wrote things like “shit” and “fail take two” next to them. But no matter. They were still worth it. The other two just were 2k tests I guess.

3. Listened to 12 Skizzy Mars songs. I just sat there at my computer, stared at it for a bit, let the songs play. Maybe checked Facebook or twitter 5 or 13 times, and listened to the music. Then I kind of let them play as I did the rest of the things on this list.

4. Toasted a bagel in the oven on broil. I actually did this first thing when I got home because I don’t function well while hungry, but this is where this activity falls on the list I wrote this morning so I’m going to allow it to stay number 4. Every time I use the toaster, I’m afraid that Barbie’s plastic wonder dream house is burning down, because that’s what it smells like. Burning plastic.

5. Took a 20 Minute Shower, even though I was going to work out again. I sat in my sweaty rowing clothes for way too long before I decided that I had to shower. Even though I was going to be working out that afternoon, I wanted a shower. Is that too much for a girl to ask for? No. You’d thank me had you been anywhere close.

6. Tried to nap. I really tried, but it was that coffee. I eventually fell asleep 15 minutes before I had to wake up for the test I wasn’t studying for. Thankfully I had set my alarm. Worst nap ever.

7. This. I decided that I should write a list of things that I had done instead of studying so I could over analyse each bit of it in the form of a blog post to share with the general public who may or may not care what I did today instead of studying. The general public also may or may not have stopped reading after I admitted to shoving binder clips into my earlobes.

Goodnight, y’all.

Exam Week: Things To Do When You Have An Exam Tomorrow

Because WikiHow has possibly the best advice and how-to’s (usually with really compelling photos as well), I decided to try to get some inspiration from their How To Study page. This really didn’t facilitate any new studying habits especially after reading number four, so I decided that I could do it better and wrote my own steps to success. AKA this is what I did today.

  • pulled up final exam review powerpoint
  • printed final exam review powerpoint
  • pulled up Twitter
  • tweeted this super inspirational lyric from the song currently playing on my iTunes
  • closed twitter
  • got an @ mention notification on my phone, responded promptly
  • wrote out class notes onto three powerpoint slides
  • opened planner and used colorful markers to cross off all the things I finished last week to appear and feel more accomplished
  • relocated because it was ridiculously hot where I was due to the fact that it is 73 degrees out on December 3rd and UofL didn’t turn the heat off
  • walked to library
  • saw a man skateboarding across campus with a crock pot, tweeted about it, proceeded to library
  • took elevator to third floor because it was way too hot to walk up the stairs
  • walked around the 3rd floor for seven minutes and determined there were way too many people and no good tables, which would obviously be detrimental to my focus
  • walked to floor 2
  • located table with a relatively normal looking person and enough space to spread out  my study materials
  • took out my notes, and only the notes needed for studying
  • took out my computer in case I needed a break in the future
  • stared at notes
  • determined 73% battery life wasn’t enough to make it through this studying session
  • located plug and charged computer
  • facebook
  • looked at notes and highlighted things I already knew
  • found Doritos in backpack
  • stared at the other library patrons who were on facebook in order to make myself feel less guilty
  • pulled out scrap paper to take notes on
  • made a list of all the things I have done in order to study for my test tomorrow
  • laughed at the irony of the new falling snowflake feature on WordPress… because it’s 73 degrees out


After all of that, I listened to this Asher Roth song to motivate me to get on my study grind. It also made me appreciate the fact that I am able to go to school. Thanks Asher.
“Because happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time. It’s about loving what you have.”