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Amateur Neologist


I claim to be an amateur in a lot of things, so as long as we can all accept this, I am going to continue to share my amateur thoughts. Today, I decided that I am dubbing myself an amateur neologist, not to be confused with neurologist.

If you don’t know what a neologist is, then you may as well Google it because I figured out what it was by reverse Googling the definition, which I didn’t even know would have a word for until I found this one. If that seems like a really rude request considering you are reading this blog for the sole purpose of entertainment and probably don’t want to have to work for it, I only said that because neologism is what allowed the word google to become a verb. So cool! So meta!

Confession: I really just wanted to type “googling” and revel in the fact that the little red squiggly doesn’t show up underneath it like it does under lesser known proper-nouns-turned-verb. So here is the definition: a neologist is one who coins, uses, or introduces new words, or redefines old words in a language.

These are some of the words that I have created. I invite you all to use them as freely as you please under the circumstance that you kindly site your source verbally in MLA format after every sentence. Or you could just share this blog with anyone worthy of auscultating these beautiful creations.

photato (fo-tay-tow) noun
A photograph of or relating to a potato.
experinotic (ex-peer-uh-nät-ik) noun
A genre of music that includes experimental indie-sounds and hypnotic-trance beats.
sarcobang (sar-ko-bang) noun
A punctuation mark indicating exclaimed sarcasm where the receiver may not understand said sarcasm.