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Making lists is my favorite thing to do when I’m writing on paper. I don’t particularly like writing paragraphs of feelings and bullshit, however I still do like putting my thoughts on a page. I have recently found the best way to do that is by listing all the things that come to my brain. This most closely resembles the way my brain operates… I think. Since I clearly have not shared anything new on this blog, I figured I would go through some of my analog lists and digitize them via this keyboard (and extrapolate on the really interesting stuff). Then, anyone who actually minds to read this/all my stalkers will know what’s been up in the past couple weeks.

I’m going to start with the summer to do list and I’m going to bold all the things that I have accomplished thus far and star the things that have been scheduled but are yet to happen or are a work in progress.

“Things To Do Summer 2013” April 4, 2013.

  • acquire a car
  • acquire a bike
  • acquire a job
  • waterfront Wednesdays… all the Wednesdays
  • tabata Tuesday bikes
  • be nocturnal for like 3 days
  • Bonnaroo & Forecastle *
  • read all the Malcolm Gladwell books *
  • buy local only for 3 weeks
  • abstain from chocolate for a week (or so)
  • grow a plant
  • grow a savings account
  • meet 5 rappers
  • take lots of photos *
  • take advantage of all things free *

“Cool Things About Today” May 21, 2013

And then at the bottom of this page I added a clip out from a magazine that I newspaper blackout-ed. Maybe I will share these one day but I am going to be honest and say I’m too lazy to upload the photo. By the way, we didn’t make NCAA’s. Also, click on that link for The Kollection to see all the blog posts I’ve submitted so far. The next link is to a sweet book by Austin Kleon, and anyone who cares about being creative ought to read it.

The next list is really long so I’m only going to take the first few.

“I woke up to write this down” May 28, 2013

  • use the word lucrative more often
  • find a lucrative hobby
  • stop lying to yourself about not having lucrative hobby ideas – do them
  • write more
  • care less about what you will think when you go back & read what you wrote
  • if you don’t like it, throw it off a bridge, burn it, bury it
  • lists are good
  • ride the bike you borrowed from Dasha EVERYWHERE!
  • make up words and use them shamelessly
  • fill this page
  • write so fast you look like a dyslexic
  • become really good at your job – even the most mundane tasks
  • read more Austin Kleon

Finally, I am going to share yesterdays list because it is the most recent.

“Untitled” June 1, 2013

  • a new month
  • Paula drawing – nearly complete
  • I love listing
  • dried mango strips
  • nobody has been home all day
  • going to Market Street
  • Hannah’s 21st birthday celebration tonight
  • it’s been rainy this morning
  • two Christian ladies tried to talk to me this morning about religion

That’s a wrap. On my list for today I would add “more blog posts”, but I’m too tired to do anything right now. So goodnight! Ugh, this post has no visual and that’s bothering me. Will add later.

Stream of Consciousness From Miami to Charlotte

With few edits, this is what I wrote on the notes app of my iPhone. Thought I’d share since I would have shared it anyways had I not been on an airplane. Although, I would not have written it had I not been on an airplane. So these are some rare thoughts, my friends. Whatever that means.

Whenever I get on a plane I get the strongest urges to start tweeting about things but I can’t use my 3G. Why, world, why? I wish I could attach pictures to notes because I would attach one of this massive Reese’s wrapper ball that I have amassed.

Also Jared Evan is a beast in the music game and is extremely underrated.

I also find if funny how I [create] these wild stream of consciousness notes while I fly. The other thing that I find wild is the fact that I can type almost perfectly on this but when I send text messages I mistype every other word.

I wonder what the Reese’s peanut butter filling recipe is because I would love to have that. I find it easier to sit next to strangers on a plane so I don’t feel obligated to share my chocolate. I am a greedy chocolate bitch.

I have seen more Botox in the Miami airport than I ever have anywhere else.

I just read over the rap I wrote on the flight home for thanksgiving and I honestly think that if I took rap lessons I could be a pretty legitimate rapper. I’d be the female version of Dylan Owen I believe.

I want to live in New York City. And I would absolutely love to visit Seattle some time in the near future, please and thank you universe.

Reese’s refuse to come clean from their wrappers. So frustrating.

The girl next to me is judging the shit out I my Reese’s eating I just know it.

Is ginger ale the drink of a basic bitch or an adventurous sophisticated bitch? I have yet to tell.

I’m 21 years old and I have never peed on an airplane or a bus. I have peed on a train an that was a terrible experience that has kept me from ever peeing on a bathroom in a vehicle that is used to transport people. On this note, maybe being a rapper isn’t the job for me because I would have to be on a tour bus (if I was famous enough of course) and I would have to pee in the toilet [on the bus]. Come to think of it, I think I have peed on a toilet on a ferry before which I thought was terrifying and I would avoid it at all costs if possible.

Honestly there has to be a job out there that would allow me to do shit like this on a daily basis. Listening to music, traveling around, and writing down my thoughts and possibly rap songs. I swear I will find it and I will have the type of job people are jealous of. That is my goal. Not to make people jealous, but to do something that people would strive to be able to do.

I hope the kiwis are having a good flight.

Also on a side note Elise gets to chase the sunset on her flight home. Jealous. I wish I was going west with how pretty this sunset it.

I refuse to eat another Reese until my ginger ale comes.

Why would you ever order tomato juice if there is no vodka, tabasco sauce, and a stick of celery to go in it??

Jared Evan is SERIOUSLY (italics) the most underrated rap artist I know. I would tweet and Facebook that, that’s how serious I am. Meg Myers for female singer because I guess Jared is a singer too.

Unorthodox like Basquiat with the pencil. Macklemore said that in a rap song once.